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Our Personal Touch

Chip shop Kidlington - Before
Approaching the Job

We discuss with the customer what they would like done, we then look at what the customer has to work with. Then we take the information that we have and come up with as many designs and ideas to come back to the customer with. We work with the customer and overcome any alterations or adjustments that they have.

Chip shop Kidlington - During
Our Work   

When our customer is happy with an agreed design, product and price we then begin the work to produce the high quality job required. 

Chip shop Kidlington - After
Finish Product

When the job is complete, we make sure that the work we have produced is up to the standard that we require and that they are happy with the way we handled the whole process. We encourage our customers to give as much feedback as possible about the whole service as we are always looking to improve.

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